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Dear Families,

I am watching a basketball game with my husband (not by choice;) and I am not at all drawn to the teams playing (no clue) or the score (who cares). But I am very interested in watching the teamwork. I have no idea who the star players are or their areas of expertise. Dunking? Free throws? Passing? I just see bodies running up and down the court, effortlessly, with hardly a glance, throwing the ball to a teammate. The players skip backwards and place themselves for a ball thrown their way (or not). They are always ready and constantly in position to move. They travel around the court quickly and, while they may be talking a bit, most of the communicating is through movement, watching, predicting and experience.

It is clear that they have practiced to the point that they know each other and are so tuned in to their teammates’ thinking. This is actually the behavior we work towards as a staff running a school together – and by staff, I mean all of the adults in the building. We pass your children amongst us all day. Our goal is to give consistent messages, to work off of the same playbook, to have language, expectations, reactions and responses that are so similar that our students sense the community and unity of the environment in which they spend six hours a day.

This is far from easy and, as we grow the next layer of our staff (25 new teachers!), we will be working towards this goal for another few years. Our students – and all of you – can help us reach that goal with your questions and feedback to our communications, which is always helpful. When we offer you time to meet your child’s Bungalow, when I encourage you to email with your questions, when I say we try to answer within 24 hours... it is all TRUE.

Thanks so much for reaching out, for being patient with us and for being team members. That is what makes a community.

With respect,


P.S. Speaking of teamwork, I want to encourage you all to pitch in and volunteer and/or buy tickets to some of the MANY events set for the final weeks of school. I know we’re all tired, and the summer is just around the corner, but we really need YOUR HELP to get us to the finish line. Please click on the links below to see what’s coming up… or get details in our weekly newsletter!

Volunteer HERE

Purchase tickets HERE

PTA Nominations & Career Days This Week!


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Dear Families,

First off, a quick reminder to join us at our PTA meeting this Wednesday, May 15, at 8:45am in the Library. This is your last chance to nominate yourself (or a friend!) for a position on next year’s PTA Executive Board or School Leadership Team. Both of these groups are so important as we build our school together. Please consider running – push yourself! We’ll also be looking at the proposed PTA budget for 2019-20. And, of course, there’s always delicious coffee, bagels and yogurt shots!

I was so impressed when I saw the number of parents who are joining us for Career Days this week. Almost 40 of you have answered our request and are coming in to inspire our students. When we did this last year, I was a bit skeptical. Many of us were not sure that students would be moved by listening to adults talk about a variety of careers. But the students LOVED it – they were so polite and interested and motivated. The gym was filled with raised hands and questions and comments.

I am so excited for Wednesday and Thursday this week, when we do it all over again! These events serve to open up the world of possibilities for our students. They see stereotypes broken and passionate adults, they rethink definitions of careers and, maybe, get a glimpse into their future selves.

We want our children prepared with 21st century skills:

  1. Critical thinking

  2. Creativity

  3. Collaboration

  4. Communication

  5. Information literacy

  6. Media literacy

  7. Technology literacy

  8. Flexibility

  9. Leadership

  10. Initiative

  11. Productivity

  12. Social skills

If you did not sign up for this year’s Career Day, feel free to visit and enjoy – and maybe you will sign up next year! Thanks to all of you who are joining us. And thanks to Val (7th grade science teacher) for organizing!

With respect,