A Simple Tool Kit


Dear Families, 

This is my last Family Letter of the 2017-2018 school year! My feelings are too HUGE to put down in this letter. I could write endless THANK YOUS for EVERYTHING. 

The group of families that helped run Orientation last Monday, and working back through every event: the Auction, the Dances, Field Day, Picnics, Soul Cycle, Theater Benefit, Open Houses, Filed Trips, Student Led Conferences- ALL of these events where you showed up and gave your energy, funding, ideas, humor, and love….all of these events and moments when we knew we were in good hands and hearts. 

Thank you. 

As we move ahead, we need to keep all of this work going. We face a tight budget, and we are more than doubling in size. Our building is gorgeous and new, and will require more of everything- books, supplies, technology, and equipment. We will need your continued and increased financial support, and any connections you can bring to our door. Please help us grow! I wrote a letter to the new families coming in September. I want to share the “tool kit” I shared with families and remind you that these tips are for our entire community: 

These are some of the important things you can keep in mind, a simple tool kit for 75 Morton: 


Really. Middle School is a lot for you and your child. We like when you ask questions rather than have worries or confusions build up. Just know that we do not always have the answer but we always have the ears, heart, and attitude to find solutions. 


Really. We count on all of you to pitch in, share ideas, think outside the box -always with kindness and a sense of humor. 


Really. Things happen. To you, and to us, and to others. We stretch and grow and help one another by being flexible and always believing that we are all in this wonderful job and journey of educating your children (and ourselves) together. 


Really. ALWAYS. We are a large diverse and inclusive public school. Our mission is clear. Please step back and look at the larger picture of why we exist, in this school, in this community, in this city. 


Really. We are as transparent as possible. We are here for you. This staff is like no other in terms of communicating, caring, and loving your children. Trust us and believe in us. We will also trust you and believe in you. And together we will make the team that trusts in and believes in your children. 

We value each and every one of you and your children. This year has been a success because of our outstanding staff and our families and students. 75 Morton is a firmly established growing school and you can congratulate yourselves for making a dream come true! 

HAVE A WONDERFUL SUMMER! I can honestly say I will miss all of you! Katie, Ilene, and I will be at 75 Morton all of July if you want to pop by! 

With Respect, 


PS- PLEASE SEND IN AS MUCH AS YOU CAN FOR OUR SUGGESTED DONATION ($75) FOR NEXT YEAR’S SUPPLIES: ALL NOTEBOOKS, FOLDERS, SKETCHBOOK, LOCK, AND PLANNER. We replace everything throughout the year and cannot do it without your help. Please contribute $75- less or MORE if possible- Thanks!