Your children are wonderful


Dear Families,

We had a short and very sweet week at 75 Morton. Your children are wonderful. We could not hug our 7th graders enough – it was absolute joy seeing them and their growth, both physically and socially. Now we get to work on this big year and watch their academic growth. Our new 6th and 7th graders are filling our space with their energy and joy. It was a wonderful way to start our year.

While we get to know your children, and they get to know 75 Morton, your role becomes increasingly larger. You are negotiating the landscape of middle school, and your child’s growing independence. We expect you to join us for these 3, or remaining 2 years. Our commitment to be partners with you is very strong. I will remind you throughout the year about events and celebrations that are made more meaningful with your presence.

We understand if meetings are hard to attend due to work and family obligations. Please try to arrange to be at at least a few (or all) PTA meetings (the first one is next Tues. Sept. 18 at 8:45am!) , ALL Student Led Conferences, and now that we have our own space – any performances! Your children need to see you at school – it is way more important than you may sometimes realize. When you arrive, their faces light up and they feel important.

The truth is, we also need you! Your energy, ideas, solutions, contributions of time, materials, and funding makes 75 Morton the special place we know it is and always will be. The dream that created this school is kept alive by your efforts.

I want to add, as I often do throughout the year, that the 75 Morton staff is a remarkable group of educators. As you get to know them, you will appreciate how dedicated they are to their profession, to your children, and to this school community. I will use this weekly letter to keep you up to date on their work.

With Respect,