What We Learn from Your Children


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Dear Families,

Our Student Led Conferences were hugely successful. We met with more than 95% of our families and, in a week or two, we should be at 98%. That number is so important to the staff at 75 Morton. A big part of our mission is to reach ALL families and to bring your voices into our school journey. Your children worked hard to prepare for the Student Led Conferences, and you were all here to celebrate. Thank you. Our students are still young and learning to take on the responsibilities of middle school. By the end of 8th grade, the growth you see will amaze you.

During conferences, we heard …

  • How proud you are of your children

  • About the wonderful relationships between students and Advisors

  • You got a more thorough sense of the work your child is doing

  • Some of you would still like to meet with the Bungalow teachers – and you can!

  • There are still questions about JumpRope and Mastery Grading (read on!)

  • How much you appreciate the hard work of our staff

Please join us on Friday, December 21 in the LIBRARY (NOT the Cafeteria) for a workshop on JumpRope and Mastery Grading.

  • 7th grade at 8:45am

  • 6th grade at 9:30am

Please send questions ahead of time to info@75morton.org and we will do our best to answer them.

We are also looking forward to the 75 Morton Ice Skating Trips!

  • 6th grade: Dec. 11, 12 & 13

  • 7th grade: Dec. 17 & 18

I hope some of you can participate and help on these trips as chaperones. Please contact your student’s Advisor. It is such fun to take our 75 Morton students on activities to build community and to share experiences that will always be a middle school memory!

With Respect,