Wall of Gratitude...


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Dear Families,

Please join me at our December PTA meeting this Wednesday morning, Dec. 12 at 8:45am in the 4th FL. LIBRARY (NOT the Cafeteria).. We’ll be hearing from our amazing ELA teacher, Donna Santman, as well as getting an update on proposed changes to the Specialized High School admissions process. As always, coffee and bagels are provided by our PTA. We hope you can make it!

On your way up, stop by our beautiful Wall of Gratitude in the lobby - have any of you read what your children have written? The post-its of gratitude messages are so sweet and honest. The wall is slowly growing and, as you can imagine, the lobby has a lot of traffic moving by the wall every day. We are grateful that the wall remains intact and we see children stop and read the messages. It is a quiet and lovely reminder that...

  1. Your children have deep and beautiful hearts.

  2. While we sometimes hear talk of middle school behaviors that disappoint us, this wall’s staying power reminds us that our children have wonderful souls.

  3. There are so many more projects we can do to tap into the sensitive and meaningful sides of our children.

Please let us know if you have ideas for projects we can do with our students - our Advisory system is designed for moments and projects like the Wall of Gratitude. We work every day to bring out the best in your children, even when they slip and slide along this journey.

Now that we are in Holiday Season, the days feel different. There is a sense of anticipation about the coming vacation and all that it brings. It is both a joyous time and, for some families, an emotional time. Please let us know if we can support any of you who may be having any difficulties during these busy weeks - and if you feel it has an effect on your children.

These next two weeks bring field trips for ice skating (6th and 7th grades) and the Metropolitan Museum of Art (6th grade). Thanks to all of you who are volunteering to join us and to support the staff. You will have a great time - I promise! It is so important to bring our children out into the city, and we hope to do that more often in the coming months.

With Respect,