Tests, Spring & Auction...


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Dear Families,

New York State ELA testing is tomorrow (Tuesday) and Wednesday. Help your student(s) get a good night’s sleep, eat a healthy breakfast… and keep it all in perspective! Remember to send them with two #2 pencils and a packed lunch (unless they are eating school food) as there is no Out-Lunch on test days.

Along with trees and flowers beginning to bloom, we are seeing your children growing into the next phases of being a student. It is lovely to watch the layers peel back, and new versions of 75 Morton Thunderbolts learning in our classrooms.

Much of what our children need to grow everyday at school is an environment that builds trust and meaningful relationships. I watch as conversations shift and patterns of communication between adults and students get tightened and more sophisticated. We make eye contact that counts. We refer to expectations in shorthand and have quicker responses and clear indications of shared understanding. We use our body language in more meaningful and subtle ways.

Just as you have signals and silent gestures in your homes – fewer words, simple “looks” – your children are learning and understanding these same means of communication at school. Our community grows by familiarity and a shared belief system. I remember teaching first grade many years ago and being told that things change in the Spring in significant ways. As I worked my way up through the grades as a teacher, consultant and administrator, I saw that Spring brings these changes on all grades and to all ages.

I honestly get a bit teary as I see the academic, physical and emotional growth of our students. It is truly a thing of beauty.

With Respect,



P.S. This Thursday, April 4 at 6:30pm is our 2nd annual 75 Morton LIVE AUCTION PARTY in our beautiful Gymatorium. Thank you to all of you who have donated items, experiences and, more importantly, TIME to help make this Auction a success. Building community – and meaningful relationships – is of huge importance to us here at 75 Morton. And we cannot build a community without the support of all of you. It’s that simple! We look forward to seeing you on Thursday to laugh, share stories and enjoy a beautiful night together! (Click here to buy tickets)