Growth Now & Planning Ahead


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Dear Families,

Someone asked a group of us if we were counting down the days. We all said in unison, “NOOOO!” This is when you know you have great colleagues. In our eyes, the weeks are now going too quickly and we want it all to slow down. This is that funny part of the year – when we have gone and fallen in love with your children more than ever before. We know them so well, they know us too well, and the relationships we built over the last 8 ½ months seem to need more time – we do not look forward to June goodbyes!

We know you see the same growth we see in your children. We know some of them have taken small steps, while others have leapt forward. But it is all the same: growth. It is our job to assume that your children are always trying to move ahead academically, socially and emotionally. It is a hard journey for some – and we support those challenges with patience, respect and clear expectations. We also make it clear that everyone has chances – and behaviors are bad, not people.

So June 26 is around the corner, and the school year is astonishingly about to end... WOW.

As you know, we are doing a lot of planning for next year. Following are preliminary plans for an enhanced Math program:

1. If our budget allows, we are increasing our Math periods on all grades from 5 to 7 per week.

2. We are offering the Algebra 1 Math Regents to all 8th grade students.

3. We are reconfiguring the Math curriculum in 6th and 7th grades:

           6th grade will have more 7th grade content and standards

           7th grade will have more 8th grade content and standards

4. All grades will spend some periods in targeted group instruction, and some periods in mixed group projects.

5. If our budget allows, we will have an accelerated Math Club at lunch.

Please make sure you keep up with the PTA blasts. There is literally some event happening every day – and often two in a day! Thanks to all of you for chaperoning trips, running for offices, contributing time and energy as we close out the year with a very busy May and June.

With Respect,