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October 7, 2019

Dear Families,

Here is a confession from a mother of three daughters - I missed #NationalDaughterDay! It was on September 22nd. I saw something about it scrolling through Instagram, but I was too late. People had posted all of these adorable photos of babies and young mothers, memories from years ago, etc. Ugh. Nonetheless I belatedly sent out a family text, apologizing and reminding my daughters how perfect (not completely true), loved (completely true) and amazing (mostly true depending on the day) all of them are to me and to David.

But, I did miss the day by a week...

We all sometimes miss opportunities to celebrate the people we adore (and who make us laugh, feel crazy, get on our last nerve, and make life better in every way). Thank goodness we can always catch up with celebrations. Details can slip away but we can always bring them back. 

It may come as a surprise that sometimes we have to ask a parent: What class is your child in? Who is your child’s advisor? How did your child do in (fill in the blank) last year? Who are your child’s close friends? What afterschool activity is your child in today?

And sometimes the answers we get are a blank stare, an “Ummm, let me think", or a nervous laugh. We all have so much going on. I really get it. So, while I may consider marking #NationalDaughterDay on my calendar for next year, and also try to remember where exactly in Brooklyn my oldest daughter lives, or the exact date my middle daughter returns from Hong Kong, please don’t judge me! We never  judge any of you for forgetting or missing information! We are all in this together.

At 75 Morton, we live in a state of hope, forgiveness, and forward motion. We are 2.1 years old, still growing, with a sense of humor, a sense of importance, a sense of pride, and a sense of patience.

And a quick plea: If one of the details that slipped away in these past busy weeks was contributing to the PTA Direct Appeal, you can do it here. As you will see when we review and vote on the revised 2019/2020 budget at the upcoming PTA meeting, (Wednesday, October 16th 8:45 in the Library), our students are relying on our community for a lot - both basic necessities and exciting enrichment opportunities - as we continue to grow together.

With Respect,


PS- It is always #National75MortonDay