Transformative Power of Running

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November 4, 2019

Dear Families,

More than 50,000 runners participated in the NYC Marathon yesterday. I hope, if you also ran, you had a fantastic day! One of our teachers, Kayla Villante, ran and we are a very proud 75 Morton community! 

I ALWAYS watch and cry. I start getting teary with the personal stories, and then I continue crying as I follow the runners along the route. The best part for me is how unbelievably inspiring the Marathon is on so many levels. The quotes from the reporters totally get to me -  every cliche, every sentimental tear-jerk comment, every “Hallmark” line - I am 100% content to hear them all:

        “The transformative power of running…”

        “It is, simply, about WILL….”

        “The perfect example of human spirit….”

        “Every runner has her own victory, his own finish line…”

I just love them all. And to top it off, I then wander around the West Side in the low 60's and actually congratulate runners wrapped in blankets. We went to the movies afterwards and David and I said "congratulations" to every runner on the sidewalk and in the subway - I am happily obsessed with their MAGNIFICENCE.

The Marathon is an amazing lesson. I hope we can see all of our students as marathon runners - that we can identify their strengths and will, and cheer them on, and be present and supportive as they find their way to their personal finish lines. 

We are looking forward to seeing you all at Parent-Bungalow Conferences on Wednesday, November 6 - Thursday, November 7. If you haven't already, please click HERE to book your conference (password: wf7eb).  Remember, Wednesday, November 6th MY afterschool programming ends at 4:35pm. Thursday, November 7th is a half-day. All students will be dismissed at 11:30am.

We are also looking forward to the next Java with Jacqui & Jill

Friday, November 8, 8:45-10am | Cafeteria - Social Media/Digital Citizenship with Michelle Lipkin, Executive Director of The National Association of Media Literacy. You don't want to miss this one.

With Respect,