Permission to Feel

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October 21, 2019

Dear Families,

I just received a book, Permission to Feel by Marc Brackett. He is the Director of the Yale Center for Emotional Intelligence. Read on. This is such a great description of middle school students, along with adults:

"...we all have feelings more or less continuously, every waking moment - in our dreams - without ever asking or getting anybody’s approval. To stop feeling would be like to stop thinking. Or breathing. Impossible. Our emotions are a big part - maybe the biggest part - of what makes us human.

And yet we go through life trying hard to pretend otherwise. Our true feelings can be messy, inconvenient, confusing, even addictive.They leave us vulnerable, exposed, naked to the world. They make us do things we haven’t done. It’s no wonder our emotions scare us sometimes- they seem so out of our control. Too often we do our best to deny them or hide them- even from ourselves. Our attitudes about them get passed along to our children, who learn by taking their cues from us, their parents, and teachers- their role models."

The book goes on to explore how we can deal with our emotional lives in healthy ways. Brackett writes about being able to name our emotions, and to master them in a way of acceptance, and to make our emotions work for us. If any of you are interested in starting a reading group with this book, please let me know! Some of our staff is planning to read it too.

Clearly we are reminded of the joy and challenges of “mastering” our own emotions and helping our students/children do the same, every single day. We are only human, and it is fascinating and sometimes scary to figure out how to get through the day with success and calm. Google the book, and let me know!

On another note, this is a busy week and it is another example of the community-building work of our school.

Tuesday - Mix and Mingle - at Brass Monkey (adults only).  Please join us! (All details on the website and in the PTA Newsletter). It is relaxing and fun, and you can meet new families and make connections!

Wednesday - 6th Grade Fright Night. It is endlessly cute! We are also very neurotic and are on top of our lovely kiddies! Many adults help with this evening to keep it safe and fun.

Please note that you must fill out the online permissions forms here!This form will only be active until Monday, October 21st at midnight! Don't miss it!  (All details on the website and in the PTA Newsletter)

With Respect,


We Are Accessible!

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October 13, 2019

Dear Families,

As 75 Morton grows, we have an ongoing wish, a steady goal that we will not lose sight of, no matter what: We (the staff) work hard to be accessible. 

When you need us, have a question, feel a concern, or simply want to offer an idea, or suggestion - please email us. While life can sometimes get in the way, we will always make every attempt to respond. 

We are all on this journey together, and we ALL have your children’s best interests in our hearts and minds. There is no other reason for our FANTASTIC staff to get up in the morning and commute (some as long as 2 hours) to get here and spend the day with our 900 plus middle-schoolers. And then to travel home after coaching, tutoring, and after-school jobs, to plan lessons and answer emails. They care. We care. 

We are in fact, all on the same team. 

So email us and tell us what’s on your mind. Nudge us, rant if necessary, apologize if necessary, as we will do. Be patient - we will get back to you in a very timely manner. We promise.

And as a reminder - You can find all staff email addresses on the 75 Morton website HERE. They are all (first name)

Last but not least, we are looking forward to seeing everyone at our first adults-only community event of the year -  Mix & Mingle on Tuesday, October 22nd at Brass Monkey, 55 Little West 12th Street. 6pm - 8pm. Get tickets HERE.

With Respect,



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